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Panu Kari has worked in Africa as free lance videographer, editor, director and documentary producer in Mozambique. 




INDUFOR - Forest Intelligence


Camera and editing: Panu Kari

Indufor 2010

My Husband´s Denial


Director: Rogério Manjate

Camera and editing: Panu Kari

Sound: Francisco Martins

Força Maior for FHI​

The Best African Short Film Golden Impala at Amakula Kampala International Film Festival 2009.​

Tempest  (an extract)


Director and editing: Orlando Mesquita

Executive Producer: Bert Sonnenschein

Script: O. Mesquita, Brent Quinn, B. Sonnenschein

Director of Photography: Panu Kari

Iris Imaginações 2008

I Love You


Director, producer and story: Rogério Manjate

Camera: Panu Kari

Editing: Francisco Martins

Força Maior 2007

Chico Antonio!


Camera and editing: Panu Kari

Força Maior 2008​

Muvart - part (1/5)


Director: José Augusto Nhantumbo

Producer: Luis Correia

Camera, editing & co-producer: Panu Kari

Sound: Ocaire Ossufo

Lx Filmes & Avades Oy 2005

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